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Tue, Mar. 17th, 2009, 12:14 pm
yaaaay im fired

Well shit! Wasn't just me either, it was my whole department.

*shakes fist at economy*

At least this time I qualify for unemployment comp. Geez.

Well ok, now I'm *definitely* gonna foreclose. :p

Heheheh. Nuts.

Fri, Feb. 6th, 2009, 12:22 am
OMFG Wreck-Gar!

I love him! :D I am like <3 and eee!
He is totally awesome. Wreck-Gar! :D

Sun, Jan. 25th, 2009, 10:32 pm
Toys :D

Not much up lately. Trying to learn my job better and stuff like that. Still in money suckville with the house for the moment. Obama, yey; McGoohan, boooooh I will miss you....

But I did go out and get myself some goddamned toys and I love them. Transformers: Animated and a couple Universe. Animated Swindle is like :D:D<3<3<3!! Oil Slick is cool enough, Swoop is ok; I got Blurr and Shockwave too but haven't opened them yet. And Uni Roadbuster is all pretty and greeny-orange, and I finally got the Springer colored version of that newer helicopter mold that's so nice. I don't like the guys that came with them though. Bleah. And I wish I liked the look of the redeco of Universe Jetfire, it's such a cool mold! There's a whole bunch of awesome Universe guys I want that I've never damn seen! CYCLONUS!! Argh! But that's ok, I'm too near broke anyhow. Heheh.

Also, I've started looking for kids to foist my Zoids on. I got a mess of them back when TRU liquidated them, but they're not good for Toys For Tots like all that Energon crap I had; too fiddly and hard and breakable. Unfortunately, looking through them and getting kids to build them just makes me want to go buy myself another Deathpion. I love Deathpion with a hardcore love. And mine is kinda melted and dead.

Sun, Sep. 28th, 2008, 12:00 pm

Hooray Atlanta. Just waited in line for gas. Most stations have been out most of the time all week. On the bright side, hardly anybody's on the road. So that's cool.

Found Blitzwing. I like him, except for having no waist, and having ugly thighs. So I put him in Wall-E mode: tank treads for legs. Heheh. And I finally picked up Revoltech Megs and Screamer at Anime Weekend Atlanta. They are pretty. I am pleased.

Tue, Sep. 16th, 2008, 06:56 pm
Florida! <3

So this last weekend I went home to FL to visit my folks and my also-visiting sister & BIL Steve & his folks. It was super awesome fun yay! We went to a couple of the nearby parks too, the Devil's Millhopper, a deep & pretty sinkhole, and Rum Island, which was my favorite spring as a kid cause there was a giant fucken rope swing on an overhanging branch, just upstream, so that you could swing way the fuck out into the river and GABOOSH and it was AWESOME... and apparently sometime after 2005, they cut the limbs off the tree and tore out all the ladder planks. :(

Up at Steve's folks' place, I finally got to fly an r/c plane with my Dad, which I'd been trying to do for like 20 damn years. Well, on the second day, I got to. On the first day Dad took the first flight and crashed his plane into a field full of big fucken dogs and broke the wings off. The second day went much better!

Apparently some of my extended family has been wondering why I don't like... talk to them. Sadly, it is just cos I am never bored enough to start looking people up and don't feel like I have stuff to talk about anyhows. :( I need to work on that kind of thing. Hell, I don't talk to my sister near enough, either.

In title news, they found the person still on the old paperwork for the house in FL and are drawing up the appropriate stuff for her to sign it over, so we can try to sell it. And giving her 10 k for her trouble. I want 10 k... :(

And now I have a mess of work to catch up on. Augh!

Berserk *still* on break. Augh!

Doctor Who audio plays rule more often than not. Yay!

Sun, Aug. 31st, 2008, 04:38 am

Dragoncon! <3

Photo by this guy on flickr.

People we chatted with here and and here.

Sat, Aug. 9th, 2008, 01:10 pm
fucking fuck

*waves goodbye to $5000 for plumbing issues in a house she is not living in, in the process wrecking the just-finished $800 remodel of the bathroom the renter wrecked, and the Title Insurance people who are supposed to be making it so she can legally sell the house still aren't picking up the phone*

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the title issues. When we went to try to put the house up for sale, they found out the legal end of it got fucked up and the house is still technically owned by a woman several owners back. So the title insurance people are supposed to be doing... something... about it. In the meantime we can't sell the fucking place. But we still have to pay the mortgage on it.

Well at least I have a job, so I can continue to give monies to people. But goddamn. I was hoping I'd be able to pay my credit card off a little, not max it back out. If anything else happens I'm going to have to take out a loan on my life insurance. Bleah. :p Maybe I'll spend tomorrow doing one of those sob-story Ebay auctions. Pity the ecomony is such pants right now.

Berserk is on another break. Doctor Who was pretty badass. Venture Brothers also pretty badass, though I really do wish Stephen Colbert had felt like coming back. Fell asleep last night watching Paprika and ironically had no dreams... I love Paprika... Glad I finally managed to pick it up on DVD. It's just so pretty and Hirasawa-ey and siiigh <3

Oh, and a few older Doctor Who eps have just gone up on Itunes. I must somehow acquire some monies and buy them.

Sun, Jun. 29th, 2008, 12:30 pm

Wall-E rocked v v hard ( and it came with a free Peter Gabriel song! :D ), and I dug the hell out of most of the next-to-last-ep of Doctor Who.

In catching-up category, Venture Brothers season 3 has been totally excellent, and so has Transformers Animated. I'm still like 6 eps from the end on that one. I just saw the supervillain league one and gyaha oh they put in a supervillain couple! <3<3<3 Clearly they love me. Also, Officer Blitzwing, I want to squeeze him.

Also been watching oldschool Battleship Yamato / Starblazers. Near the end of the Comet Empire season now. Holy shit Desslock is awesome. Like, seriously. Holy shit. XD The resolution of the whole Teresa/Trelenia/whatever arc before that was some hardcore wtf though. Still, a classic. Sanada is my chosen hottie for this show. You know, the dude with teh robot limbs. And no eyebrows.

And Blake's 7, I'm halfway through the last season. I seem to be half enjoying things about the show and half pointing at things and going WHAT IS THAT NO PLS NO and OMG AVON IZ KISSING PPL AGAIN but there is to be fair no small amount of glee involved. XD

Oh and I finally got to play Portal WHEEEEEEEEE!

Wed, May. 21st, 2008, 07:46 pm
life is big

Gracious. Been up to a lot of crap since last post.

The good stuff: Spent all weekend 2 wknds ago with Wendy & Hooper_X's wedding shindiggery and it kicked all possible ass. SUPER SUPER AWESOME to see so many great classic intarwebs folks that I haven't seen since '05 at best, and a few I've never even met before. I LOVE YOU GUYS OMG. Also I apologise for any unintentionally derogatory remarks I may have made while drunk, about the nature and/or character of anyone's penis.

Then last weekend I got to see a bunch of my friends from Florida, during a party/break from packing. Also highly awesome. Miss the hell out of those guys. Spent a little while crying like a big soppy girl cause I miss Florida so much. Successfully managed to pack up EVERYTHING we wanted to keep from the FL house, fit it ALL in a one bedroom apartment in GA (Tetris), and got the truck back on time afterwards. My cat didn't even puke up the apartment while we were gone.

The bad: People who do not own a thing, will fuck up a thing. I had been more hopeful than I should have been about the upkeep of the FL house. One of the bathrooms needs to be torn up and redone, there's smoke stains from a kitchen fire, and the all-natural results of a pupdog with no house training. The house itself needs some expensive normal maintainence work too, ouch.

Then, just after we left FL, Scott, who's been staying at the FL house/keeping an eye on it for us, had all his best stuff stolen out of it while he was at work. He's totally heartbroken over the loss of his favorite electric guitar. AND someone went through all the bags of move-out trash that were in the driveway and basically dumped the stuff everywhere. Later that day, Justin & Scott's mom called to tell them their dad has cancer. Spent a little while crying like a normal non-soppy but very stressed out and sleep deprived girl cause of all this.

We gave up on the idea of keeping/renting the FL house. We're just going to try like hell to sell it without screwing ourselves over too badly. It's a cute house and we loved living there but it's just too much stress and we don't really have the money to keep up with it anyway.


But my boss bought me an iguana plushie and Frazer emailed me a chain letter (MAKE A WISH! NOW SEND THIS TO 10 PPL OR UR HEAD WILL FALL OFF! srsly XD) and my mom said she heartses me and my cat snuggled me a lot so I think I will be ok.

Oh, and also: Berserk. HOLY SHIT.

Sun, Apr. 20th, 2008, 01:47 am

Hm, again Lith uses LJ to bitch and moan. Lith swears Lith is usually in a good mood though.

Spent the entire day napping on account of one of those badass headaches that makes you hurl if you move. Finally managed to keep some medicine down a few hours ago, though, so the fucker finally went away. I'm still exhausted though, so as soon as I get some eatin' on, I think I'll put a lovely Frazer-narrated Second Doctor episode in me stereo and crash for the night.

I could probably avoid this bullshit entirely by going on some butterfly-froo-froo xanax type shit since I finally have actual working medical insurance, but I hate the idea of being on drugs all the time to prevent a problem that crops up maybe once a month. Plus I'm still not sure whether it's mostly stress or just a failure to eat on a schedule that touches this crap off. I am ridiculously bad at eating on a schedule, but it's pretty stupid not to just take such a simple step and see how much it helps. *is annoyed with self*

OTOH I had some fuckoff wacky dreams during all this. For example I dreamed Donna from Doctor Who got splattered, 28 days later style, by Nestene goo and turned into a speedboat.

Torchwood ended on a bit of a mishmash of Anakin Skywalker bullshit, but ah well. New Doctor Who is fun enough so far, if pretty ridiculously messianic. Been listening to a lot of the old stuff during work too. I forgot how much I like most of the pre-plot banter at the beginning of most Fourth Doctor stories. Also been trying to watch Blake's 7, but oh god. I love many things about it, but it does plod so. It's perfect for having on in the background whilst doing other things, though. Just look up whenever Avon starts dissing people. Same for Third Doctor era Doctor Who - just look up whenever the Brig or Sgt. Benton is being awesome.

Hoo. Yeah, so. Gonna finish this sammich, get some rest and take a day not-off tomorrow to get a project done at work. Work totally rocks, btw.

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