Finally set up a Dreamwidth, same name, etc. Anybody else over there? Anyway I'm not gonna delete this one but all new stuffs will be over there.

Still Alive

Yooo ok so again still mostly doing stuff very passively on Tumblr mostly and just bumping along in life. My cat's doing well on three legs, and also got a bunch of teeth out this year. OMG the poor guy, the x-rays were bonkers, I'm so glad they could fix him! And now he's on kitty-probiotics cause the meds for the dental surgery cleaned out his gut flora and he Could Not Poop Properly. Which Was Not Fun For Anyone. Everything seems to be moving along just fine now. Whew.

It's almost my birthday! I'm gonna be 40! Hooooooly shit!

Big Finish continuing to be awesome. I peeked at their Gerry Anderson based stuff and it is NUTS. Like... I don't know how you make an audio that makes you picture everything as weird fuckin puppets but they did it. They've done a lightly-modernized retelling of The Prisoner and it's really pretty great. I need to catch up a lot on the Doctor Who stuff, mostly been listening to the Tom Baker ones which, man, his performance is amazingly perfect most of the time. Once in a while he'll lose the point of the line but who doesn't. I enjoy Lalla Ward's Romana a LOT but she does her as a sort of pastiche half the time. But when she's on, she's ON. It's great fun. On the other hand, I finally bought Gallifrey VI and it was, sorry, not good at all. Just an utterly uninteresting and poorly crafted story. The only thing I could enjoy was imagining the good time Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson were having in making it.

Still coloring Berserk once in a while too. The anime was godawful, omg. The manga is amaze.


STILL not dead

Poor LJ! Ignored for many these lo long years. Tumblr got all my attention.

So what's been up? It's 2016 now. I'm still working at that dinner movie theater because I am a creature made entirely out of momentum. Last year I broke out and did a few unusual things, though, like going on a road trip to drop college buddy bane_6 off at home from Dragoncon. That was super fun. We stopped off in Tennessee to check out Ruby Falls, and she took me to a badass waterfall up in the Appalachians. I found a really great page about it here: Choose Your Own Adventure at Cascade Falls in Pembroke, VA

I dipped a toe in trying to learn some proper graphic design, but I really need to do more. I don't know why I'm so reluctant in practice, I like the idea in concept.

My cat-butt Moe, who I adopted back in January 2008, has an appointment for tomorrow morning to get disarmed over a bad case of wrist cancer. He had local surgery for a small tumor there a year ago but it came back with friends. Poor fella. Everyone says he's likely to recover well so I'm cautiously optimistic.

Berserk continues to be awesome.

I kind of want to re-watch Blake's 7 again. I accidentally got back into it when someone linked me this 2008 "mm watcha say" cut of the murderfest that is the end of that show and I sort of unironically loved it. And then I found out Big Finish has been doing Blake's 7 full cast audios and oh my god they are great, they are amazeballs. They feel more and more natural as they all get into their groove and it's just so much fun.

I haven't caught up on TV Doctor Who, though I do like Capaldi I just haven't actually proper liked a Companion character in so long I'm getting tired. They're all just sort of okay. I miss Martha and Donna. Missy is pretty great though.

Now, Audio Doctor Who on the other hand, is fucking knocking things out of the park left and right. They did a regeneration box set for Six that is FUCKING GREAT and one of them is SIX/CHARLEY VS REVERSE WEREWOLVES that's right folks they get embroiled in a local conflict between WOLF-PEOPLE who are fighting with OUTLAWS who turn into SUPER-POWERED APE-GUYS in SUNLIGHT. Six and Charley are chased by WOLF-COPS ON MOTORCYCLES. They did a 'switch the Doctors' season and in one of them Six got swapped for Two and had to run around with Jamie and Zoe and it was ADORABLE AND GREAT. They did a season of Classic Two and in one of them they've got Elliot Chapman playing Ben and he is ADORABLE and EVERYBODY IS ADORABLE and I LOVE POLLY and I LOVE EVERYBODY

Still not dead

Oh man! Can't believe I didn't post at all last year. Time has been flyin like crazy.

Haven't been up to much. My powers have been used for procrastination. I did finally get a better car, a silver Scion XB, so I can go on proper road trips. So far I have only really gone on road trips to see Mom & Dad. Mom's recovering from a double mastectomy, so I'm glad to spend some time with her & supply hugs etc. Also she makes me cookies.

Favorite movie of last year was Paranorman. Haven't watched any TV in yonks. Addicted to Tumblr and Lord of the Rings Online. Continually shocked at the number of Limbaugh-quality conservatives on in-game chat in LOTRO. Always thought book-fantasy was a liberal's venue. I mean, I'd understand if it was a Wizard's First Rule MMO, but Lord of the Rings? Maybe I'm just out of touch. Or maybe the momma's basement MMO effect is stronger than the original genre effect.

Been playing plenty of tabletop D&D as well, which has been fun. We usually have at least one party member playing over Skype. Oh and one of the team got everybody presents and she gave me a Windstone baby dragon! So my life is basically complete.

The house finally actually foreclosed, but nobody bought it so it's Real-Estate-Owned at the moment, which means I still won't see the end of it for a while. But at least I'm no longer responsible for the safety/upkeep of the actual property.

My cat just figured out he can sit on TOP of his doghouse. HOW EXCITING! I have to admit I love how he comes running when I get home from work. Hi kitty! <3

How good is Toy Story 3?

This good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1a688dXJEI

My cat ran away for a week. I was very yay when he came back, mowing for dinner.
Got a job at a new movie dinner theater, hoo the foots. Got to get proper work again soon.
Been playing Infinite Space on the DS, it's pretty sweet. Also been playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time and bashing my way through the GBA Castlevania series.

The Sixth Doctor trilogy with Jamie is awesome. Big Finish kicks ass.

New Berserk this week! Still havin fun coloring that too: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/7593/30809clr.jpg

Also will attempt to write on sad paused fanfics.

Doctor Who and stuff

No updates on the actual real life stuff, though I need to redouble my getting-a-job efforts; poorness encroaches.

New Doctor Who pleases me. I really like that my nitpicks are now actually just nitpicks rather than omfg why are they doing this at all type issues. I am even willing to see where they are going to go with the Dalek 300ZX. It's a bit weird to have Amy winning the day so much but it hasn't pissed me off yet because Eleven's mistakes are all due to being Too Angsty so hopefully he will figure that out and Stop Being So Angsty. It also cracks me up that some fans are 'relived she hasn't got hots for Eleven' when it is in fact extremely clear she has got massive hots for Eleven. She's just not TELLING you like M.Jones did.

Dalek episode made me want to watch Power of the Daleks. Boo BBC Department Of Burning Cool Shit. We could have had video montages of Daleks pretending to be waitstaff.

Over in Big Finish Audio land, they just wrapped up Charley Pollard's Eight-then-Six-then-replaced-by-doppelganger-wait-what epic plotline. And Six has gone on to a new 3-story arc where he picks up Jamie Mc-fucking-Crimmon. The first part of that just came out and left me like WHAT needing way more plot resolution. So now I wait for next month. Everyone was brilliant in it, besides a couple of vaguely awkward YEAH SCOTLAND moments. I'm glad Colin's got enough acting chops to pull off the sort of dialog he gets in these things. XD

They set it long after 1750 so there's none of the awkward 'wait is Jamie still supposed to be 20' like there was in The Two Doctors. Instead they've added intentional 'wait what IS going on though' awkwardness, which presumably the story will eventually let us in on.

I haven't really dug the Seventh or Fifth Doctor stories lately though. My most recent favorite for Seven is still The Death Collectors. Cause that was super awesome spooky. And I'm really looking forward to the next few Five stories, with Turlough and Tegan :D

And I need to catch up on the other Two-era stuff from Big Finish, there's a bunch of Companion Chronicles and apparently about to be some Lost Episode stuff and these should ROOOOCK. Including a production of the unproduced ep where Jamie dresses in drag to impersonate evil lady guards. WIN.

Everything sucks.

I should have gotten a lawyer back when we moved out in 2007. Everything I'm reading now sounds like I've fucked myself by trying to stay current on the mortgage after I moved out. If your debt is forgiven you only get the income tax exemption for that shitton of money if you were living in your home for 2 of the 5 years before foreclosure. I would easily qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy but that only gets rid of credit card debt, not tax debt, and what did I scrape to pay off? Yay, 10k of credit card debt. I'm really pissed on this point because it had been my understanding that bankruptcy did NOT affect credit card debt and now everything I'm reading says it does. So it looks like I've wasted 10k paying off my credit card and 30k on repairs and staying current on the mortgage after we left. And I'm yet to discover how much the foreclosure will bite us in the ass. It looks like I'd be BETTER off if they did sue for deficiency because then we could spend like 2k filing for bankruptcy and then not be taxed on that as income. I really hope this income on forgiven debt thing is affected by insolvency without it having to be actual bankruptcy because that might actually work out. Anyway I have to get a lawyer.

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Time flies

OK! Finished up my game contract on Friday, had a nice weekend, then missed Monday and most of this morning feelin sick once again. I really got to nail down wtf this headache/nausea thing is about cause it sucks. Ah well. Tomorrow I'll get my ass down to the unemployment office and see if I can get back on it. Also am barking up some trees looking for more work.

Justin & I finally got served with foreclosure papers, so now we gotta get minor legal advice on how to write back to say 'OK take house but ffs don't try to get 99k out of us on top of that cause we will die'. I'm really unclear on all this. :( But if bankruptcy will get me clear that'd be easy, since right now my life savings is like $2000 and I think it costs something like that to file for bankruptcy anyway. At least my credit card is clear now; I know CC debt sticks with you through bankruptcy. And we gotta figure out how much longer Scott's going to be able to stay at our place before they evict, so he has time to get his stuff out, etc.

So yeah that's a whole lot of fun.

I'm going down to Sarasota for March 17-21 or so and then to Gainesville, though, so that will be fun. Dad's sailing in Sarasota that weekend and I'll drive with him back to Gainesville to hang out with the 'rents for the week. I miss Florida. It's FUCKING SNOWING again here in Georgia.

I finally checked out the 'recobbled cut' of Thief and the Cobbler.. Hm. The Princess is a much cooler character in this incarnation, the lack of songs is nice, I don't mind the lack of Matthew Broderick, and it's WAY better without Phido having a voice. But I'm torn on the Thief. His scenes do kind of drag without any narration. However, the cut scene of the Thief being caught and taken to the square to have his hands cut off, omg wtf gold.

Peter Gabriel has a new disc out but I'm not really feelin' it. :(

Been checking out a little more Doctor Who audio stuff: finally listened to the first two in the Unbound series. These are COMPLETE AUs with randomly cool actors as AU Doctors. The second one, "Sympathy for the Devil" is pretty damn awesome, with David Warner (BTAS's Ra's Al Ghul, Freakazoid's The Lobe) as an AU Third Doctor, and David Tennant in the supporting cast.

Also tried the audiobook "Prisoner of the Daleks", a Tenth Doctor story read brilliantly by Nicholas Briggs, who is one of those guys I have wanted to squeeze since the early 90's because he is so fanboy and adorable. He does most of the Dalek voices in New Who, so the Daleks in this are great of course, and his Tenth DOctor is a damn good impression as well. Fun story. A bit anti-torture too which is fun with current events in the US, all trying to be like BUT BUT LOOK IT'S TOTES NOT A WAR CRIME THE WAY WE DID IT. BESIDES YOU'D TORTURE SOMEBODY TO SAVE UR BABY WOULDN'T YOU WOULDN'T YOU YOU WOULD SO THERE. Seriously, "24" seems to have brain damaged half the US. Whereas every actual seasoned expert on interrogation ever seems to be like 'No, no, no, you get way better intel out of bad cop/good cop. I know this, from my learnings.'

Berserk is on break again but continues to completely rock. They just landed in goddamned Innsmouth.

Even more stuff!

OK! First bits first. I'm employed again, at least for the moment, helping with crunch time on an online game project. They're using Maya instead of Max, so the first week was mostly me getting back up to speed in it. But I've got a pretty good handle on it again now, and they like my work so far, so hopefully that'll all go well.

The bank still hasn't got further into the foreclosure process than stern letters. Justin & I both got our financial shiz sent in to a short sale agent, though the nibble we had doesn't seem to be seriously interested. The short sale guys said they'd keep trying anyway and see if they had any luck. Foreclosure versus short sale, though, doesn't seem to make much difference on our end, since we haven't got enough assets to stick in your eye. The bank did knock my credit limit down to $2300 though, which is a pain in the ass since I'm already at it. I never did understand why they'd had it up as stupid high as it was.

I got a bunch of Doctor Who toys and it is SILLY how happy I am about that. I got this awesome Fourth Doctor set with liek Daleks and robots and mummy robots, and I became enthused and bought all the oldschool ones Bigbadtoystore had on clearance, and a bunch of newschool ones from Quez (who is AWESOME!!). Now I have to figure out how you get Ebay to tell you when listings for the shit you want come up cause I want the hell out of a Sixth Doctor with giant robot bits, but the only ones for sale are AU/UK and way overpriced.

Man, the end of the Tenth Doctor's run was... huh? Sith Master, rofl, and I enjoyed Ten's emo outburst about as much as I liked Vader's 'noooooo'. Ah well. Started watching Dresden files too, cos I found it cheep on DVD, it's pretty fun, not my favorite casting ever though. Really enjoyed Galactica: the Plan, not as enamoured of Caprica though. New Lost is like, lol. Also HOLY SHIT SOL STAR!

Atlanta continues to have fun geeky live shit: saw Jonathan Coulton's show last month and it was damn fun. I never saw so many lighter apps, and the whole fucking room sang the Portal song. Heeeeee.
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The amount of crap that's gone on... XD

OK, first, Lord Puppetmon came to visit in late October September; that was awweesome! We went to Six Flags (3 days after it had been underwater in the Atlanta Flood of '09) and the zoo, and Justin came with us to the aquarium and there was whales and stuff and it rocked.

Then last week Scott came up from Florida to help Justin move home to Rhode Island. At the last minute I realised holy shit we could put a camper shell on the pickup, so I snagged one off Craigslist. Thus Justin was able to pack a shitton more stuff and get it safely to RI through rain and a stop in Philly to see Pearl Jam. Yay! Scott's headed back down to FL, where he continues to sit the house while we wait for short sale or foreclosure to happen to it. All three of us spruced up the house and grounds a bit while we were down there for Justin's Big Leaving the South Blowout in mid October. That was awesome too; got to see Rick, Bob, Todd, Milos and a bunch of the extended comic shop family.

So yeah Ryan's old Chevy S10 is now officially Justin's, just gotta get RI plates; and I'm in my lil beater commuter Geo. I got most of my furniture movin done before he left, but I don't know anyone else with a truck so the leftovers will have to be done with a rental I guess. At least all the barrister bookcases are safely at a friend's house and them's the only cool furniture I got anyhows. I gotta be out of here on the 15th, so before that I gotta ship the rest of Justin's stuff (a moving van woulda been $800 so he's definitely gonna come out ahead there) and get the rest of mine to my friend's basement. As for me I have a room lined up in Roswell but I'm planning to dorm-style it there and only bring my core shit. I don't wanna get settled in there; I picked it cause it's cheap so I don't die while I'm unemployed. My plan is to get my ass in a paycheck and move somewhere bigger.

I miss Justin! Justin rocks! Everybody in RI is lucky, cause they gots a Justin.

In non personal news, "9" was neat but sadly not at all solid storytelling, "Where the Wild Things Are" was freaking awesome, the new version of Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty cool, the older anime "Kemonozume" was just holy wow, Berserk is FUCKING AWESOME, the new season of Sarah Jane Adventures is pretty cool so far, the new Fourth Doctor narrated audio is weird as hell so far, I'm looking forward to the new Doctor Who episode this month, and I'm super looking forward to next year's Big Finish Audio season for the Sixth Doctor, because JAMIE WILL BE IN IT :D:D:D <3<3<3

Oh and we saw Jon LaJoie's standup act, he rocked. The Youtube stuff carries over surprisingly well live. It was a really fun show.